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The laser pointer that was designed by leading military weapons engineers. While they designed the laser for themselves, the Lightstrike Tactical Laser is now available for purchase by the public. For those who want a more precise and incredibly powerful laser, the Lightstrike Tactical Laser is really the only way to go. Looking at both lasers projected on a target side by side, you can clearly see how their visibility changes along with the sunlight. I grabbed a quick photo under each of the three lighting conditions that I shot the drill. Now let's compare two lasers of the same color and divergence, but different powers. The diagram below highlights a 5 mW laser and an otherwise equivalent 500 mW laser. Notice that the power increase is 100 times, but the distraction hazard increase is only 10 times (1.8 NM vs. 18 NM).Moore added that the future of laser-sighting devices might be even more interesting: "Blu-Ray players use a blue laser. Red Laser Pointer is the simplest type of laser color that we have today – it is red because it emits light with a wavelength in the red spectrum that could have different color intensity between 620nm - 750nm while green laser pointer on the other hand emits light within the green spectrum which can also vary in its color intensity between 495nm to 570 nm depending on its use. Remember, ALWAYS keep the laser pointer away from your face and your pet's face and other people's faces.You don't want the laser to shine in anyone's eyes and by keeping it away from their face and head, you will be able to keep it away from their eyes.Get a green laser pointer. Yes, they are cheap too. Repeat the above experiment and what do you find? First, the light from the green laser is also just one color. "A green laser basically starts out like a red laser, except it starts with an infrared, invisible laser at with a wavelength of 808 nanometers (nm). That light is then shined into a secondary crystal laser yielding a wavelength of 1,066 nm. Finally, that blue burning laser pointer is shined through a frequency doubler, which changes it back down to roughly 532 nm," he said. "That wavelength is easier to see, but harder to achieve. Instead of a single process to get a single laser, it takes three steps, more space and 10-times more energy to produce." Second, red lasers have the ability to not be as detectable as a gigantic green dot flying around the room, a feature which would be very beneficial to stealth (again, military red filters). And despite not impacting your night vision as badly and not being as detectable to enemies, the Laser Engraving Machine and sight will still be perfectly useful to those who are looking for it. It's like having your cake and eating it too. You have two laser pointers in front of you, one red and one green, both of equal power output (say 5 mW). If you point them at the wall, you'll quickly notice that the green laser is MUCH easier to see than the red laser. The same thing happens with traffic lights at night.

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