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I HAVE TWO FEMALES IN ONE GURL PAYATTION TO THE NAMES THAT ARE LABELED Both Of them are the in the same person Strange because two personalties in one //JAZY Good Side// // Liz Bad Side// The name Is Elizabeth togeth- er They are in the same girl but different souls into one body Jazy is a princess and she is very rich, And Liz is Jazzy but is A cat and they are both Elizabeth if you put Liz and Jazzy together they turn into a cat and that is their power but no one knows about this power , You know when they change because `Liz is more mean and Jazzy is more nicer, Liz grew up on streets but when she died she sared a body with jazzy, But Jazzy is ok with this because she is so nice, Liz Died in a robery with her and her bf and she got both of them killed and she can never forgive her self for what had happen she died at the age of 15, Jazzy is 15 aswell and she is very pouplar in the town of neverland, They both meet new people every day <3

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