Motion sensing led lights include six units when it works, which is power supply unit, motion sensor unit, time setting unit, loading and power control, external control and lighting-emitting unit. When the motion detector detects someone passing, the wall lamp will be switched to illumination level for lighting. After the short duration time, it turns off for saving energy.
There still have below features for your reference:
*Easy assembly and disassemble
*Waterproof rated IP65, solar powered or batteries supply
*Eco-friendly, energy saving and money saving for long term use
*No manual switch and sound control, easy to use, high efficiency, energy saving and anti-theft
*Automatically illuminate when people enter the sensing range at night or in a dimly lit environment
*Auto charge at day time, the longer under the direct sunshine, the more it will charge, and start up circuit work at night
*Suitable for patio, garden, fence, yard, pathway and so on, also work as sensing outdoor security sconces in your door side and make everything around clearly and easy to be seen