The important thing is to start this article, reminding you that in the United States, you’re not allowed to use a mobile jammer, except in prison or the theater. Today, however, many professional distributors through online sales site offers a full range of GSM and GPS jammer. Some models can even beat the waves to more than 50 meters. Make the mistake of the user is a person jokes of their neighbors, lecturer in university or college, or manager of the company, let they held the meeting in the interference from cell phone rings.Although you can impose a fine of 450 euros, but this does not prevent the increase of the number of users. Mobile jammers cost less, and the first price is less than 40 euros, 200 euros, and more efficient.

This mobile phone jammer provides the appearance of the phone’s shell. Once you’ve slipped your phone in your pocket, all the GSM signals are blocked, so you can disrupt your mobile network without the distraction of the call, and this is going to disrupt your mobile network, which will allow you to contact you if you can’t use it. It’s not just a phone high power jammer, it’s a real phone bag, you can swipe your phone and add COINS in another pocket. The GSM scrambler applies to all GSM network, the operation is very simple.